Which Drum Will You Choose?

Have you ever seen the movie "Drumline"? I'm sure there are most of you that have. There are so many lessons within that movie. Well, in the movie there is a character by the name of Devon. Devon was recruited by a band director because of his amazing talent and gift of playing the drums. See, Devon knew that he had the talent, but he always marched to his own drum because he felt that he was better, didn't need anyone, or need any help. As the storyline begins to unfold we began to see that Devon was unapologetically himself, he didn't care about anyone else or what they had to say. He even struggled with leadership and authority. With that, he begins to realize that it takes more than talent to rise to the top. It takes more than just marching to his own drum. He has to march to the drum of the leader. He also began to realize that in being in a band it has to be "One Band, One Sound", you have to follow before you can lead, and Without a pulse, you're dead (God is the heart and soul of everything, without him you are nothing).

Are you someone who marches to the beat of your drum? The drum that says, “fall into line, don’t break the mold, do what everyone else is doing, I'll do it my way, fit in with the crowd, go this way, etc.” I often find myself wanting to desperately please God in every way that I am willing to sacrifice my own beat of my drum and beat towards God’s drum. I recently came across a devotional that asked this question, and it got me to question my self. Am I walking to the beat of my drum or God’s drum?

As you read this post I want you to really ponder on that question. Are you walking to the beat of your drum or God’s drum? What does it mean to you? For me, it means someone confident in their own identity, and they live by their terms, they are themselves in everything that they do. Most would say that people who march to their own drum have the guts to be unapologetically themselves and could care less about what other people think. While these things may be true, and I see no harm in being that way, at what length do I learn to put aside my own selfish needs and be willing to allow God to put me on the potter's wheel and be in control? I wholeheartedly want to seek God in everything that I do. Why?

For years, I’ve marched continuously to the beat of my own drum. I did what I wanted without anyone telling me what to do. I didn't care. The beat of my drum had become so familiar to me that I didn’t even notice it had completely taken control of my life. I found myself in a place of depression, suicidal thoughts, angry, longing for things that were nowhere in what God desired for me. I moved how I wanted and stayed in control of my own destiny. At least I thought I did. In the past year, my own identity has flipped. What I once was, has completely changed and is still evolving. What I once desired is changing.

I find that as I began to grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord, I am learning to march to His drum and not my own. What I mean by that is being in tune with what he wants from me and for me, listening, being obedient, and doing His will. Staying in step with the Holy Spirit requires diligence, obedience, and perseverance. In what areas of your life have you marched to the beat of your drum? Where have you fallen out of line with God?

You see beauties, while there is nothing wrong with having dreams, goals, passions, desires, wants, and needs, we must make sure that we desire God's will. There is something wrong when we begin to crave it more than wanting God — or having a desire for the wrong reasons. So I encourage you my loves to fine-tune your own march with your Heavenly Father and listen intently to His quiet voice in your heart allowing him to break anything that keeps you from Him.

Love!Love!Love You!

Stay Fabulous!


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