Undeniable Consistency

Hey, Beauties!

Oh, I have missed you so much! Happy New Year! It's 2021!!!!! I can't believe we are in a new year! I have to say all of 2020 was a test of trial and faith. I learned a lot and am still learning yet so much. One of the things that I told God that I would be was intentional and consistent with literally everything! Recently, I was given a devotional (from a sister-friend) by Marshawn Evans Daniels called "100 Days of Believing Bigger". Let me tell you; it has been a great source in really helping me reflect and face many things, including life questions. I wanted to spend the next 100 days sharing some of the things that I am learning, reflections on my life, self-discovery, uncovering my true identity, and challenging questions that I have never had to face. I know that God is calling me higher, and I know that He has great plans for my life.

Today, I am on Day 7 of the "100 Days of Believing Bigger," It talks about consistency with God and how sometimes we allow others' inconsistency and our disappointments to cause a dent in our relationship with God. So I decided to take each day to share and answer questions from this devotional that may pertain to my own life.

How has disappointment in others put a dent in your trust regarding your relationship with God?

I can recall for many years relying on the words and promises of so many people. I mean, hanging on their every word. Yall, I mean I would plan out everything based on what would be said. I had expectations. When I realized that those individuals weren't going to keep their word, make excuses, or lie, it would make me so mad and caused great disappointment. They were inconsistent! It also began to cause major doubt in people. I got to a place where I would say out of my mouth, "I'll believe it when I see it," when people would say they would do something. I am still like even today. I do my best to avoid getting my hopes up in what people say to me or what they say they will do. Yes, it's because of major disappointments. What I didn't realize is that it has also caused a dent in my relationship with God. It caused there to be a wall between God and me. Even prayer was and has been a struggle. There would be times where I would pray for things, and it didn't come to pass as I wanted. "Yes, that I wanted." I was disappointed in Him, and people would say, ask, and you shall receive. Or they would say pray about it. I would get so annoyed at hearing that. What I didn't realize was I was comparing God to other people. Big NO, NO! God is nothing like man; He will NEVER disappoint us or NOT keep His word! It's wrong to compare God to people. I did that for so long. The reality is that people are going to disappoint you, and even you will disappoint others. I am not perfect, but I never want my relationship with my Father to be affected by how I have viewed other people. I have had to ask for forgiveness in every way. I still have the mindest of "I'll believe it when I see it" or not holding on to someones' word with everything in my because yes, I do not want to be disappointed. I even find myself debating with my thoughts on whether or not they will be consistent. When it comes to God, I trust him, and I am learning to trust him more and more every day.

So, I want to ask you the same question: How has disappointment in others put a dent in your trust when it comes to your relationship with God?

Dear Father,

Please help me let go of all the disappointments and inconsistencies of past relationships and forgive those who have hurt me. I do not want to have resentment in my heart. Please forgive me for comparing others to you. Help me always to remain consistent with you. Teach me how to trust you, God, no matter what others say or do. Amen

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever" Hebrews 13:8 ESV

Stay tuned for Day 8! You are so LOVED!

Love you Much and Stay Fabulous!


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