The Impact of Sisterhood!

What is Sisterhood to you? Sisterhood, to me, is empowerment! It means never having to standalone. It means to have the support of one or many that will always be there no matter what. It means creating countless memories with people who respect you. It's a true meaning of friendship. You must love and honor yourself before you can love and honor someone else. It means understanding that we are all uniquely different. When you think of sisterhood, what do you imagine it to be? I used to it imagine it like the movies, we wore the same outfits, we had each other’s back, we cried, we laughed, we created our own step team, a handshake, sleepovers, countless moments of self-discovery talks, and if you didn’t know you had to let us know why you wanted to be apart of our sisterhood. LOL (I know crazy imagination right?).

I often find that there is something so dynamic and beautiful when women come together to support, empower, embrace, and love on one another. When women can come together to nourish and help heal the broken parts of you on such a deep and spiritual level, it can be life-changing for many. I believe that we as women can come together without there ever being any negativity of any sort and embrace each other's differences. Sisterhood is not about dysfunctional relationships.

I just recently had the absolute privilege of attending 'The Ultimate Wives Club Women's Retreat in Punta Cana, DR over the past weekend. From the moment I arrived in Punta Cana, I was so excited, yet so nervous. About two weeks before we were all set to go to Punta Cana, we were sent an email with a list of who was attending the retreat and who would be rooming with whom. Y'all I was getting nervous even then, not because I expected negativity but because I didn't know any of these women accept the organizer of the group, Shamieka Dean. So fast forward to the day of our departure, I was still nervous. As I arrived in Punta Cana, I began to pray and ask God to calm my spirit, my flesh, and my thoughts. From the moment I walked onto the van that provided our transportation to the moment that each of the ladies started arriving, I felt myself at ease as I watched each of them embrace, introduce themselves, laugh, and engage. Each lady had an absolute beautiful outer being as well as inner beauty the more we spoke. While we all navigated to our rooms to prepare for dinner that evening, I walked away feeling such peace. Have you ever been around women that get it? I can't remember the last time I felt the peace of just being able to be my authentic self around a group of women I'd had never met before. These women were the epitome of God's grace, classy, full of laughter, mothers, love, truth, raw, relatable, and, most of all, saved but could get savage if needed. LOL! Girl…. Let me tell you the way I saw these women get behind each other to come to another's rescue was remarkable. The way we all encouraged each other, spoke of each other, and built each other up was AMAZING! The entire weekend was God lead in every way. I was around women that were authentic and transparent. That is so important to me because I am big on being my authentic self.

We cried, we laughed; we prayed, we danced, we sang, we drink all the non-alcoholic strawberry and pina colada daiquiris that are little hearts so desired. LOL! We all were sent there for a purpose, a purpose unbeknownst to us of what would change the trajectory of our current lives. We all came not knowing much of each other's background (well, some of us), but what we realized is that we all left with the same purpose that we went there for. To be RESET! Chileeee, let me tell you I am still in awe of that entire weekend. I walked away with so much more than what I originally arrived with. I love my beautiful sistas!

I shared with the ladies that all my life, I have always wanted friends and a great sisterhood. I remember praying for sisterhood, God-centered friendships, and I find God is blessing me with a circle of women in my life. With me being the oldest, it was always hard finding someone that could help guide me through life's toughest challenges. Someone who understood me, someone to confide in, and having someone to help me when it came to men, motherhood, experience, and overall the trials of being a woman. I remember self-sabotaging friendships because I felt that I didn't deserve them, I wasn't worthy because long ago I never truly knew what real friendships were. I didn't have good examples. It was surface friendships. God had to show me that through the people I have in my life now. What I have learned is that the most powerful impact of a sisterhood is:

  • Your feelings are valid.

  • They accept you as you are.

  • It's a no-judgment zone.

  • You become a better version of yourself.

  • It can transcend your friendship with one another through mutual understanding.

  • They inspire you for the better.

  • They pray, encourage, and uplift you.

  • They should be real with you no matter how much it may hurt.

  • They should accept differences and opinions.

It helps to bring purpose, value, integrity, and love. Sisterhood reflects the heart and spirit of each woman around the world. The core of Sisterhood is to become united in friendship. We need to learn to be intentional about friendships. We are all trying to navigate through life. We need each other. We need advice from each other. We need the realist of the real when it comes to having those authentic sister friends in our lives, and most of all, we need prayer, that midwife!

The bible tells us in Proverbs 27:17, "As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend." Be around those who can help sharpen you, speak into you, and help build you. It is important to have friendships that help build and grow you. It is essential to have those within your circle that will have your best interests in mind, and you can have authentic conversations. The term "iron sharpens iron" requires a level of accountability. Allow the people that God brings into your life to help you within every area of your life desires and give you what you have prayed for. Being a friend should never be one-sided.

Another scripture that hit my soul is Proverbs 27:9 (TPT) "Sweet friendships refresh the soul and awaken our hearts with joy, for good friends are like the anointing oil that yields the fragrant of God's presence." This describes what most women may desire within their friendships with women. There is a need for Sisterhood that brings joy, peace, and that fresh anointing.

In closing, what I realized with meeting all these beauties is that we are all different, but we all share a similar story of some sort. The authenticity of each individual was beautiful, and I learned something different about myself. I took something powerful away from each of them to apply to myself, something that I admired in each of them. Something that impacted me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We came knowing that God was going to RESET us in every capacity! We heard God, we listened, we laughed, we overcame, we had the victory, we almost even had our "knuck if you buck" moments when someone "tried" our group (LOL…I had to take ya back), our spirits were united and we left Restored, Renewed, and RESET!

So my sistas, remember that Sisterhood is not a destination; it's a journey! Enjoy each part of the journey and embrace each little moment that God takes you through. BE YOU! I have been RESET!

This post is dedicated to the sisters that I have in my corner and many more to come!

**Teresa, Shawntae, Tesa, Courtney, Michelle, Shamieka, Nicole, Dina, Pat, Val, Kizzy, Ebony, Alysia, and TeLisa.


Stay Fabulous!


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