Secret Things-Doubting the Whisper of God

Hey, Beauties! It's Day 8 of the "100 Days of Believing Bigger," and today's subject is from the section on Trust.

What whispers from God have you been doubting, overanalyzing, second-guessing, or flat-out ignoring?

Often I find myself questioning, "Did I really hear God." Doubt, second-guessing, and overanalyzing has a voice, and most of us may or may not be familiar with it. I remember when God told me to start this blog, "I said, come again, God." You want me to do what? I did not want to do it. I pondered on it for days and even went to close friends to get clarity from them. I was not a writer, and I had always written things within my thoughts and feelings, and I didn't want to share that. I began to overanalyze everything that could go wrong with this blog or what I would say. Eventually, I began to feel a sense of peace with a couple of weeks, and God began to show me how and what to write about. I had to trust God, and I had to open my eyes and ready my ears to hear what he wanted me to say. Have you ever been in a situation where it seemed things were never going to turn around for you and the negative whispers began to overshadow what God may have been already speaking to you about concerning it? Your faith starts to dimmer, the doubt, the overanalyzing, and the flat out ignoring sets in. Being intentional in hearing God's whisper and trusting him amid uncertainty has been my testimony all of 2020. God is all-knowing!

"Listening for those divine tugs and recognizing that they are not just coincidences will be your secret weapon when it comes to entering the next level of what God has for you" ~Marshawn Evans Daniels.

God uses his whispers to speak, guide, and lead us! During this time, ask God to remove the mental clutter that can block you from trusting his whisper. When any doubt, second-guessing, etc enter your mind, you must fight against it. Do not allow it to enter your heart. Pray earnestly and seek God, and hold on to His promises.

"There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries". Daniel 2:28

So Ladies, take this time to ask yourself the same question and reflect.

What whispers from God have you been doubting, overanalyzing, second-guessing, or flat-out ignoring?

Love you Much and Stay Fabulous and BE YOU!

God Loves You So Much!


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