Mind of the Faithless

Good Morning Ladies, here I am this morning sitting here on my bed and its 10:16 am. I am struggling this morning with my faith. I know I recently wrote a post called "Staying Encouraged Through Hardships". But who would I be if I wasn't open and transparent with my struggles? While reading my devotional this morning about having ridiculous faith, I can't help but remember all the many stories within the bible, and even the stories of those that I am connected to and how they dealt with and handled their faith. How many times have we told God that we trust Him, but when things are not going the way we planned or envisioned we begin to doubt?

I am in a season of transition, preparing for a move, my job has been furloughed, building a business, along with figuring out daily how all this is going to happen financially, amongst many other things. Its been a bit overwhelming, to say the least. I have found myself questioning God on everything. I've received words of encouragement, and even prophetic words during this season but I've struggled with some unbelief. Recently, while having my devotional time with the Lord I asked him had I become ambivalent towards him and the words that have been spoken over my life? The answer was Yes. Yall, I cried like a baby and had to repent for being that way. I was believing God for everything and in such expectancy, but then the next day I was becoming doubtful of everything spoken. Not only that but everything that Holy Spirit told me in my prayer time. Was that why things hadn't opened up? Was I not aligned with his will for my life? I half-heartedly believed everything that he had spoken over my life because I didn't see it the way it was spoken. I was looking for more. I had been in self-pity for quite some time, to be honest. I wanted God to feel sorry for me and just drop it all on me in one day. But, you know what the struggles, the challenges, the sacrifice I want to endure because it is really growing me, maturing me, and rebirthing me in areas that I couldn't imagine. Has it been hard......Um, YES! I have allowed circumstances to attack my emotional being (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). I read James 2:14 I claimed to have faith but what I actually had was intellectual assent because of agreement with Christian teachings. God told me last night that I would have to trust and believe him no matter what!

I have learned that I never want to be outside the will of God. I have to sit in what is stable and trust God more. I don't want to be unstable in faith, my walk with God, or anything relating to my relationship with Him. Trusting that God WILL!

James 2:19 " You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God. Good for you! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror". True faith involves a commitment of your whole self to God.

What have you stopped hoping for? What have you stopped believing God for? I have asked God to help me understand faith. It is important to have faith not just because He says so but because it is required. You must pray without ceasing knowing that God hears you! You cannot pray without having faith ladies (Matt 21:22). I am learning this more and more every day. I wasn't always taught to pray in and with faith. As I got older I learned, but it was still always a struggle. But there were times I only prayed when things were going wrong. I depended on myself to do things. Every day is a new day where my faith has to increase.

I want to encourage you ladies, in taking that same step with me to walk by faith and not by sight. Remembering that all things are possible to them that believe. Your faith has the power to move mountains, but you must believe that! I know people that pray for things and it instantly happens or eventually happens because they had that enormous faith! That's the kind of faith that I need!! Let God align your steps. Trust the voice of God for your direction. Remember that faith without works is dead. Do not give up! Remain steadfast, and unshaken. Allow your faith to make all the difference in your life! Be careful of who you talk to while in a season of faith. Those voices will cause you to doubt.

Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is confidence in what he hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Stay in Faith and Remain Encouraged!

Love!Love!Love You!

Stay Fabulous!


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