Life Lessons at a Restaurant!

Hey Beauties! I hope each one of you enjoyed your weekend and Mother's Day! Last weekend during Mother’s Day weekend I treated myself to The Juicy Crab. Yall I had been craving some seafood for so long and I had just moved into my new place and wanted to treat myself. I ordered online because I knew that it would have been quicker to pick up and go home. Chileeeeee, that was not the case. I was scheduled to pick up my order at 6:22 pm after ordering around 5:15 pm. I figured they would be super busy because of the holiday weekend. So after tending to other things that I had on my to-do list, I headed on over to the restaurant and wait. When I arrived there was already a line. So I waited in the car until 6:00 pm. When I got to the line, there were already several people waiting who had been there for an hour or more. WHEW!!  In my mind, I was fine with waiting because I was scheduled to pick up my order at 6:22 pm. As I got closer to the line, I heard several people saying that one employee had a terrible attitude. I just chuckled because I know what it's like to deal with customers. I was also told that if you didn’t receive an alert or phone call, don’t come up asking for your food. SAY WHAT!  I am thinking it's almost 6:22 pm, per my email I was told my food will be ready.  So I waited until 6:30 pm to ask about my food. I noticed that the waitress had a horrible attitude with the customers. I had never seen such unprofessionalism in a long while. So I decided to just ignore her attitude and have a “What would Jesus Do” moment.  I stepped up and greeted her with my kind smile. She just looked at me. I gave her my name and showed her my order and asked me had I received a call or text. I told her No. She looks for my order. NOTHING! Talk about annoyed, but I held it back. She tells me it's not ready and should come out soon but said it with such an attitude. I just looked at her. Yall, at that moment I heard Holy Spirit tell me to back away. I remember long ago I prayed to God asking him to please help me with my impatience and to give me patience. Listen, be careful what you pray for! LOL. Let’s just say this if I saw a turtle in the street moving slowly I would wait for it to go past me. That is how much patience God has given me. Sometimes I think God puts me in situations just to see how much patience I can take. LOL! Isn’t God funny? I pride myself on being an avid people watcher. No, not staring, but watching people. There is a difference. LOL!  It is in those moments that I can sense things and can discern even when I don’t want to. But in that almost two hours of standing there at that restaurant, I saw calmness, and I also saw chaos. I didn’t want to be a part of any chaos. So I kept my mouth shut while standing there watching others. I am so glad that Jesus is a part of my life and that he has changed me drastically from what I used to be. As an hour and a half went by I see certain people in the crowd get irritable with the young woman. The hastier they got, the worse her attitude got. I was in my right mind to say something to her. I had to thank God that I was not who I used to be.  But I felt bad for the young woman. Around 7:15 pm or so, I finally received my order. I wanted that seafood, so I was willing to wait. You may ask what was the lesson in this. Well, there were a few. Who would I have been if I had conformed to the opinions and thoughts of the world by treating her the same way that the others were treating her? God tells us to show love. He tells us to be patient in all things.  Just like God has given us grace even when we didn’t deserve it, it was only right to show that young woman grace.  We must be a light in the world, we must be transformed. It enables us to choose love and kindness over hatred and slander. I believe this was also a test on how I was going to conduct myself. Was I going to transform myself as the world or was I going to show the love of Christ no matter how annoyed I was? So I encourage each of you to walk in giving others grace and showing the love of Christ no matter the situation.


Stay Fabulous!


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