Fear Vs Fearless!

We all have experienced fear in our lives. We all have our reasons for why we fear. Some of us live in fear that causes us to remain stuck in life. There are some that no longer live in fear, and then there are those who fear is still a constant reminder of our past, or we remain stuck and not able to move forward. It can keep us from becoming what God created us to be. Fear is like being held down by someone, and there is no way of getting up or out of it. Every way you try to move its keeps you bound. Fear has suffocated me most of my life. There's this struggle that we can't seem to let go off, and we often find ourselves trapped within our fear.

I recently had a conversation with a sister-friend of mine just about life. She had explained to me that she had remembered praying to God, asking that he would make her fearless. I watched her mouth that word "fearless," and instantly, I knew that it was what I also needed to pray. I can remember praying and asking God to remove the fear that lived within me but never praying that he actually make me FEAR-LESS.

F-Faithful, E-Empowered, A-Authentic, R-Radiant, L-Loved, E-Effective, S-Sanctified, S-Strong. You are all these things in God alone!

For the majority of my life, I have lived in fear of many things. I can remember as a child being fearful of everything. I remember praying to God, asking that he take me back to the place where fear first began and find the defining moments that fear started to captivate my life. The very time that I can recall was when I was about six or seven years old. I fell asleep on the school bus while going home and got off at the wrong stop. When I realized what I had done, I was so scared. I was scared of the what if's and also scared of what my mom would do. Luckily, someone noticed who I was and knew my mom and was able to get in touch with her. If not, those events could have been a different story. God was covering me even then, and I didn't know it. I have had several things happen in my life that has pushed fear so far down within me that it was taken many years to get rid of it.

As you know it doesn't happen overnight. I remember the fear that I felt falling down the stairs, financially unstable, getting into car accidents, and, most of all, becoming a mother at a young age. Ladies, I used to be such a worry wort. That is what fear does to you. You always worry about everything. I would worry so much that I would stop eating, would cry all the time, and be depressed. Do any of you know what fear really is? There is a quote that says that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. I never knew that until I heard someone else say it a few years ago.

As I stated, I have struggled with fear, worry, and doubt for many years. Maybe you find yourself there too. Let God speak life and truth straight into your fears and anxieties. As we begin to meditate, pray, we begin to change. We notice that fear no longer has a stronghold on us. God gives us the promise that he is our security, our refuge, and our strength. So we do not have to wrestle with fear and be weighed down by overwhelming thoughts. Underneath your fear lies excellent opportunities. I am pushing past the fear! Don't allow fear to hold you and the blessing back that God has for you. For three years, I allowed fear to torment me in doing something that I know God wanted me to do at that time. I was supposed to create this blog three years ago. I allowed fear, worry, doubt, and fear of rejection to cause me to put it off over and over again. I made an excuse after excuse. The fear told me to wait and then stop. It tricked me into waiting on God to say more when He had already told me what I was to do. I will no longer be a slave to fear. You should no longer be a slave to fear. I realize that in my life that fear is more significant when I am focused more on myself and my circumstances than I am on the Lord. When I am not walking as I should with God, my trust in Him waivers, and my fear and even anxiety increases.

Ask yourself this, what would today look like for you if you had no fear? I want you to stop reading. Ask yourself that question. If you struggle with fear, anxiety, and doubt, ask yourself this. I want you to understand that fear is a spiritual battle. Fear is NOT from the Lord. We must use God's word to fight against the struggle of our minds so we can take every thought captive and use it against the enemy. One of my favorite verses is in Isaiah 41:10, "Fear not, for I am with you, Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous hand."

I read a quote by Billy Graham that says, "Fear distracts us from our relationship with God and the truth that He is Lord of heaven and earth." Remembering who God is and His character helps put our eyes on Him and not our circumstances or fears. God is good, and His ways are perfect.
Psalm 34:4 says, "I sought the Lord, and He heard me, And he delivered me from all my fears."

As I reflect on my life, I have allowed fear to take hold onto every single part of me. Through it all, I am beginning to find the things that once would have sent me down a spiral of being an emotional mess. I am seeing that it no longer has that effect on me. I am learning to be FEARLESS in my process. It's ok to have a little fearful of something, but DON'T stay in it. Rebuke it and ask God to shift your mind. Ask Him to enter and shed is love and light upon it. Whatever it is that God is requiring of you "Just Do It". Don't let fear become disobedience. Whatever you are going through or holding on to let God be your strength to bring victory to it. Here is a prayer to help you tackle fear:

Dear God,

I run to you today. I lift every single person reading this blog today and ask that you help them not be afraid anymore. Help us to trust you more with our lives, with our families, our finances, our everything. Sometimes worry, fear, and doubt will cause so much stress that we become paralyzed, and fear cripples our ability to thrive, and our joy is stolen. The fear and anxiety we face often feels like too much to carry. May, my faith in you Father, help me to conquer my fears, allow worry to fall by the wayside, and that doubt flee. Cause me to know that Even though I may walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are always with me. I know that my fear is no match for the force of your love. So, Lord, I ask that would give me faith that conquers all my fears and that my trust remains in You. God, I ask that you make me Fearless in my daily walk. Make me fearless in everything that I encounter and all that you have positioned for me to do. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Love!Love!Love You!

Stay Fabulous!


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