By Our Scars, We Are Healed!

Hey, Beauties! I've missed you all!

Before you begin reading this post, I want you to stop and look back on your life. How many of you have scars? Do you remember as a child or adult scrapping your knee or elbow, maybe even getting scratched by something? Remember how long it would take to heal? Remember it was scabbing over the wound and therefore creating a scar? What did that mean to you? Was it a constant reminder every time you looked at it? I am sure that most of you who are reading this have some scar that you have endured within your life, whether it was physical, emotional, invisible, or visible. Scars are evidence of wounds that have been brought on by many different things. Especially the ones so deep that only you and God know of them and can see them. Do you know that your scars tell a story? Perhaps, someone has hurt you with their words or with their actions, scars from someone that has caused physical pain. Something that happened in which you were wounded internally and externally. We all know that scars gradually go away, but they can also remain permanent if you allow them.

I remember around the age of seventeen, my Mom and I had a fight where I was scratched on my face, and it caused me to have a long scar on the side of my face. I felt that I was ugly most of my life, but the night I received that scar changed everything. I had never been called ugly, but I thought that I was. Having that scar drastically changed something within me. I remember it like it was yesterday. I felt like I was in a dream, and maybe I could go back and start that day all over again. The following day we were set to leave to travel back home, and I can remember the stares that came after that. I even remember hearing someone say, "Wow, someone messed her up." It was awful. I was so embarrassed.

Everywhere I went, I could see the stares, the questions began being asked: "What Happened." It honestly got on my nerves every single time, and it was a constant reminder. That scar started to cause many days of feeling unpretty, self-doubt, unworthiness, insecurity, anger, shame, and judgment. I doubted who I was. I also had minimal scarring from having the chickenpox, which made it worse. I didn't like what I saw when I looked in the mirror. All of those scars and scabs were constant reminders of my past for many years. I did everything to hide those scars and used all kinds of products, makeup to hide what I didn't want anyone else to see. Here is a picture of me at seventeen years old.

Aside from having physical scars from my past, I have emotional scars that have run deep for me. They are painful memories of my youth or seemingly unhealed wounds from the wrong choices that I made. It is always easy to cover up our physical or emotional scars and hide them from everyone. The question remains, How long do you think you can continue to go in this way? We can buy makeup to cover the scars, or use over the counter products to make them disappear, but with all that you are the only one that knows it remains. How often do we hide our scars and cripple ourselves because of the past? The unfortunate reality is that people can leave us with scars relating to both physical and emotional.

I think about when Jesus faced great insults, wounds, scars, betrayal, and pain more than we could ever imagine. He carried His scars right back into that little room where He met disciples after the Resurrection. No matter what He faced, his scars were a part of a beautiful story.

Isaiah 53:4-5 "But he was pierced for our transgression, he was crushed for our iniquities. And by His wounds, we are healed".

Our scars are a reminder to let us know that we will be healed, we have been healed, and we have been set free. The absolute funny thing is that I can't even remember which side the scar was on. It is completely gone—literally, no trace of it. I was healed from that so that it wouldn't be a reminder of my past. It was a story that I was ashamed to tell. Not anymore! I encourage you to embrace your scar but do not allow it to define who you are. While it is apart of your story, it does not have to keep you bound.

Scars show us where we have been, and they do not dictate where we are going. Most times, they keep us from making the same mistakes. It reminds us of the difficult times, what not to repeat. I have scars from past relationships. While it took me some time to process them and finally move, I will not forget them. You know why? They shaped me into the women that I am still becoming. It taught me some precious life lessons. It has drawn me nearer to Christ. While some emotional scars still lay dormant, I am working through them. I am allowing Christ to be the center of it all so that he can completely heal me. Can you do the same? Have you allowed God to heal you from every scar that has tried to bottle you down in life? Your scars will help tell a story of pain and redemption.

Psalm 147:3 "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."

I pray that you will allow your heavenly Father to love you, hold you, and care for the places in your heart that need his healing and touch the most.


BEYOU and Stay Fabulous!


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