Hi Loves! I'm Melani and I am the founder of A BeYoutiful Flower!

 By the age of 19, I had become pregnant, became a single mother, left home, and was running from God. God tried to get my attention at the age of 16 but I wanted nothing to do with him although I grew up in "church". I didn’t care. What I had seen wasn't always a true representation of who God was. I wanted to do my “own” thing and prove to others I was grown. I thought I had it figured out. Behind that smile was pain, anger, loneliness, shame, fear, no identity, and many other things. But through it all I tried to prevail. I didn't realize that I had a purpose. That my life was worth something. I sought pleasure in areas that didn't seem to make me feel worthy. Little did I know how much God really loved me. Little did I know that God was right there with me through every hardship and heartbreak. Little did I know that I was destined to do work in Gods kingdom and blossom into that BeYoutiful Flower. So ladies take this journey with me to share my transparency, continued healing, self-awareness, confidence, and my process of what God is taking me through to strip me of every single thing that I thought was my identity. Take this journey with me as I rediscover who I am in Christ! My faithful and loving Redeemer!



A BeYOUtiful Flower

Welcome to ABF, A Christian Blog! A BeYoutiful Flower was created to provide a sisterhood of diversity, a place of transparency, and an atmosphere of love. We desire to establish a sisterhood and a place for all to identify with each individual who has been through it all. My heartfelt prayer is that as you visit our page you will walk away encouraged, healed, uplifted, confident, bold, faith-inspired, feeling like you have met a sister from another mister :), and most of all LOVED! We want to help women rediscover who they are by helping them to redefine what it means to be themselves through the love of Jesus Christ. So my loves continue to walk in authenticity, confidence, know that you are an overcomer, you are unique, you are enough, you are beauty, and you are His! Always remember to "BEYOU"!